Design and Implementation Goals

We design and implement the softwares for composing and controlling virtual networks and its paths. The design goals of GINEW system are below.

  • Defining the abstractions of Network Virtualization and its Requirements for TestBED..
  • Selecting generic technologies, not proprietary for standardization of Network Virtualization.
  • Providing Automation of Network Virtualization for TestBED.
  • Developing the useful and operative system for JGN-X and deploying into actual TestBED.


According the goals, we design the system below.



We have already implemented the prototype GINEW system. The system was performed the demonstration in Sapporo SNOW Festival 2013 and JGN-X NOC experimentally. Currently the GINEW system supports the following functions.

  • Composing virtual paths for virtual network.
  • Provisioning networks for each users and/or purposes.
  • Making exclusion control for network resources.

The University of Tokyo is developing the control mechanisms of network virtualization and exclusive mechanisms of network resources. Keio University is developing the user interfaces for TestBED and integration with the implementations of The Univ. of Tokyo. The overview of our implementations is below.



The following images are screenshots of the current GINEW system.



alpha version softwares.

GINEW command line script : Download

GINEW module for Juniper MX series : Download